About us

Our mission is to popularize STEM/STEAM education and provide facilities for learning to children for achieving their full potential through a network of our library and activities center and keep children away from developing self destructing habits. We have two locations of our library and community development center - one in Chandler, Arizona and the other in Goalpara, Assam, India details can be found in the India page. Here is a picture from the library and community development center in India:

Over the years we have noticed that many talented kids from the communities were unable to grow up to their full potential due to variety of reasons for example, lack of learning platforms, guidance, facilities etc. Many talented kids, grew up to be demotivated adults and picked up the wrong habits and died young. Now a days, there is additional fear that more kids will get demotivated and pick up wrong self destroying habits such as alcohol, drugs, gambling, arms etc. This is our humble endeavour to provide a basic platform for learning for kids in particular and steer them away from self destructing habits. We will measure success of our endeavour based on the following: If the library helps, 1.Most of the kids to become good human beings. 2.Most of the kids to achieve their full potential. 3.To inspire others to give back to their community in similar way. If you want to help, please volunteer and or Donate to ChandanShamala Library - It is a 501 c 3 non profit organisation in the USA and an NGO in India. Please like ChandanShamala Library Page in facebook for regular updates and pictures.

US Office:


Eshe Picket.

Pradeep Elamanchilli

Leejo Jacob

Sashi Kondanur

CEO: Chandan Das

President: Shamala Chickamenahalli.

NGO, India Office:

President: Amiya Das

Vice President: Ranjit Kumar Ray

Secretary: Mrinal Padma Das